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22 May 2010 @ 07:49 pm
very very very very sorry for not posting blogs here T_T


but i will answer questions in this post!

-Sou has a new band 
トモダチ(tomodachi-meaning "friends"
Vocal: 颯 (Sou) | ex. 少女-ロリヰタ-23区 (Lolita 23q)
Guitar: 刻 (Toki) | ex. 176BIZ
Bass: ハク (Haku) | キャンゼル (Canzel)
Drums: Soan | Moran
Keyboard: 弥斗 (Yoshito) | xTRiPx

-on JUNE 9th LOLITA23Q will have LIVE
with support bassist named コゴエ (Kogoe) (ex-キナルラ (kenllre), ex-GHOST as Shuon)

-NO BAN did not leave LOLITA23Q

thank you

I will try to post ....
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20 March 2010 @ 12:51 pm

Taking it how many years!

Enjoying it with a good feeling (laugh)

Will do the live with everyone today!

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19 March 2010 @ 09:58 pm

I went to the hot springs because recently it has been cold.
For me the weather is making me sick and winter is painful(-.-;)

The DVD of AX before we come through the top of an announcement
Meantime with the jacket it is feeling a little like Valentines Day (laugh)

The backstage is not yet finished but when it is complete by all means CHECK it because I think the work that is reflected and has a remarkable in seeing!

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11 February 2010 @ 08:50 pm

Today i noisily came back to Tokyo!

The photograph for the New Year full-house bonus  for finishing work

Getting a talk about how it had become full of information the reservation says at the end of the year I thought that it was really joyful.

Because it reaches holding the young one who took the trouble to order!

I am thinking I want to be going to release from now on nicer goods, for everybody who has been waiting to get some this time!

What kind of good do you want from,everybody?

Teach of it is good!


I received a New Year's card from everybody at the office!

Even this year has my best regards again!

The New Year's card image from me that I loaded to my BLOG in the first day of the year is hand made by using a アー copy design.

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11 February 2010 @ 07:52 pm


I hope that this year wont pass by regrettably 

It is shown in the past year of kindness

It opens

I will look forward the new year promptly 

Today without understanding


The application is able to contribute for the treat that appears on stage to try and utilize it.

While feeling the pleasure and fear that recent learns from studying without much effort  from day to day.

The dictionary and memo has to be indispensable.

There is not an article, though i have a new BLOG because i have discovered an application. I am sorry

My last recent thought is such a thing whether or not is nonexistent that I will quit the band by now.

But i do not want the aggressive action to change something.

I do not change.

I feel it is especially important to target each day.

Namely I will enjoy today.

Be not every day to smile at an extent whether or not to be able to talk with you?
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20 January 2010 @ 08:13 pm

Even this year the first day of it has not changed much.

First of all on the 31st.

When misunderstanding with the date and it occurred this morning , I notice that I was seeing the new year with fan mail.

I was seeing a good youtube video no matter how entirely I recall what it was to get agitated it was already the time for the countdown.

Receive a lesson merely in training school simultaneously because I have gone to bed right away after that I could assume its time and place for the first dream of the New Year.

Probably youtube for seeing what without a shout to the New Year 

In an instant I caught cold and there was a strange sense on the abdomen.

Whether or not it is the abdomen I am not able to bend my foot with cecum is painful.

The cecum symptom was entirely with conspirator 

However giving up because it had not appeared even though it has become a take out with self even if going to a hospital because I am not that ill so I make my way to bed.

Probably it was all just because of the cold 

Without healing myself as a person in the meantime I am good.

-awww get better Yuki-san ^3^-
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13 January 2010 @ 07:32 pm

It is 2010 congratulations!

Even this year would appreciate Lolita23q-ward- very much!

I am going to make efforts over still, the become this year bearing fruit rich and wonderful without fail 

Take it to all the people that take the trouble to support Lolita23Q please it is become 1 year when there is much happiness 


By calling with the first day of the year appearing i try to write Japanese and take the challenge 
Even though with the I-Phone 

The theme is new exactly with Ryosuke in 2010!

It is appropriate to self exactly, even though it was chosen to letter from one year.


Style of new music

New self

It is full without thought that i want to send everybody early and by the new ways, I want to be renewing myself over until now as it will always continue to grow.

It is a goal for this year to put to all and cause revolutionary innovation!

Even 1 letter in this year of everybody that is taking the trouble to read my blog would like to teach by all means.


It came to a greeting in the new year to the house of my grandparents and family.

It was a good possible destructive New Year to take on many years!

Even the dinner observes it to end Kotatsu now and to get-together during.

That is a new year that Japan has obtained

It is a various letter in this year of everybody comes and received with the message of fallowing the article and admire.

After it is such an era I have a positive feeling strongly to the beginning of the year and lets go make efforts together!

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13 January 2010 @ 06:59 pm
YEAR...I happen to catch a cold in the first day of the year (O_O) even though it was my cousin and i wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR~!

I want to devote this year to the band and to all the people that know of us even if it is a little this year!

From now am returning to Tokyo even tune makes its intends.

Nevertheless Sendai is cold.


Michael Jackson「THIS IS IT」!

Knowing the splendor recently even though it was no stopping that much of a feeling passed and i have bought the CD

In the meantime I am listening to Michael Jackson because of the rhythm impression is remarkable and very much feeling good.

Really cool the guitar solo to the song 「Beat it」

Nevertheless without stopping
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20 December 2009 @ 10:02 pm
 2009/11/05 Even though the cut recently and have cooled down 23 pieces that is decreasing with the cold-whether or not they are not?! Today I have also borrowed a DVD to the mood of composition. I was thinking since I observe many movies and want to increase knowledge and feeling an outlook of the world if possible by the time when was settled someday. And the underground maneuvering  period in chance although now. To observe many movies to the musical piece production and various preparation! I have bought something from the new menu of Starbucks today. more!Collapse )
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03 December 2009 @ 07:21 pm
I finished reading all the letters that I have received at Shibuya AX of the tour and I file them this time.

The various feeling that everybody received recently.

The child who takes the trouble to watch from this, without forgetting the feeling and restarting with the form of tidying the feeling of exception for the expectation that seems to be attached completely shows.

The next several days I've signed a lot of posters for mail order and pulled of for the meeting in the office and also spending it day by day.

Although even that I must lie yet toward the new order start goes many everyday and thinking of Ryosuke conveys to everybody with his blog.

It is able to have one fact that faces there, until the day of departure when should come 1 daily peace and to everybody it is joyful.
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