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03 December 2009 @ 07:21 pm
I finished reading all the letters that I have received at Shibuya AX of the tour and I file them this time.

The various feeling that everybody received recently.

The child who takes the trouble to watch from this, without forgetting the feeling and restarting with the form of tidying the feeling of exception for the expectation that seems to be attached completely shows.

The next several days I've signed a lot of posters for mail order and pulled of for the meeting in the office and also spending it day by day.

Although even that I must lie yet toward the new order start goes many everyday and thinking of Ryosuke conveys to everybody with his blog.

It is able to have one fact that faces there, until the day of departure when should come 1 daily peace and to everybody it is joyful.
Rephrasing the word of continuation to the man!

Keeping company with shopping after the meeting the other day
I have eaten an omelette with rice when I returned.

While saying that while talking and being there-i have eaten.

The cup that came with the drink after the food appears to be pretty even if it is a copy.
The other day has interfered with it at the Tower of Records in Shibuya for a store meeting.

The system expands quickly.

Unfolding and receiving even by Lolita23q with such a joyful feeling.

It is excitement really to comment with love!

Sadly the lottery is over to buy the CD of the Japanese music artist that was my feelings recently and at least I received sunglasses.

The photograph is of the sweater that was benefited by the tour this time

The William Blake pose inside such of Ryosuke to prevail from what the staff of the tour was wearing at the beginning and the 3 people brought the tour during the 5 members.

Sadly who is that burning out in white with the back to Ryosuke whom does the peace sign?

'The trip of 2001 in the universe' that is said to be the immortal masterpiece of the SF film which I have seen.

Even though I was hearing through the conversations that is difficult in the movie...

Jupiter, was that it?

This travels interpretation and have no way but try to check.

Sadly the sweater that was burning out with yesterday's blog was natural

There are many messages that expects that combined the dragon rabbit was unexpected.

The owner to that sweater of the 3rd combined is Yu-ki!
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