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20 December 2009 @ 10:02 pm
 2009/11/05 Even though the cut recently and have cooled down 23 pieces that is decreasing with the cold-whether or not they are not?! Today I have also borrowed a DVD to the mood of composition. I was thinking since I observe many movies and want to increase knowledge and feeling an outlook of the world if possible by the time when was settled someday. And the underground maneuvering  period in chance although now. To observe many movies to the musical piece production and various preparation! I have bought something from the new menu of Starbucks today. ----------------------------------------- Piercing it to the weight of the book contents that I was introduced in blog the other day even if Ryosuke had seen it from the bookshelf during the extolment collapse. Because I have found the explanation book of "Sovereign Argument" that seems clear in the bookstore which I approached today, I tried to buy it. "The Sovereign Argument" is a famous book to the fact that has become callous at times when the ruler governs a country. Such contents are when to try to be contemporary society that the competition will intensify. This callous heartless world. I read this book and advance it and win with this scene and go remaining there are many parts that as "indeed" are able to happen. However who wants to forget that all was a dream of the world where it was released from the pain and grief that do not get hurt, granted that he is an example of a pipe dream. Want to continue to compete resignation in all example of painfully, although it is a recognition I think. The Utopia is good if it produces by spinning sound, if there is not where of this world is such a place. This is the faith of the self that does not change from the old days. 2009/11/06 The live performance of DOLLY has been observed and congratulation in comparison to the LIQUID ROOM DOLLY that did the van that corresponds repeatedly from the event. It is of the guitar with most and receiving might say secession in today and strike the chest. It is fatigue to be. Without changing even from this may be a friend! 2009/11/07 I am listening to a CD that I received as a present. After all I like the tone of the piano. I would like to go even a classic concert after a long time. Even the season of the 9th comes along soon.
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