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13 January 2010 @ 06:59 pm
Ryuto: 2010-01-03>>2010-01-10  
YEAR...I happen to catch a cold in the first day of the year (O_O) even though it was my cousin and i wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR~!

I want to devote this year to the band and to all the people that know of us even if it is a little this year!

From now am returning to Tokyo even tune makes its intends.

Nevertheless Sendai is cold.


Michael Jackson「THIS IS IT」!

Knowing the splendor recently even though it was no stopping that much of a feeling passed and i have bought the CD

In the meantime I am listening to Michael Jackson because of the rhythm impression is remarkable and very much feeling good.

Really cool the guitar solo to the song 「Beat it」

Nevertheless without stopping
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