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20 January 2010 @ 08:13 pm

Even this year the first day of it has not changed much.

First of all on the 31st.

When misunderstanding with the date and it occurred this morning , I notice that I was seeing the new year with fan mail.

I was seeing a good youtube video no matter how entirely I recall what it was to get agitated it was already the time for the countdown.

Receive a lesson merely in training school simultaneously because I have gone to bed right away after that I could assume its time and place for the first dream of the New Year.

Probably youtube for seeing what without a shout to the New Year 

In an instant I caught cold and there was a strange sense on the abdomen.

Whether or not it is the abdomen I am not able to bend my foot with cecum is painful.

The cecum symptom was entirely with conspirator 

However giving up because it had not appeared even though it has become a take out with self even if going to a hospital because I am not that ill so I make my way to bed.

Probably it was all just because of the cold 

Without healing myself as a person in the meantime I am good.

-awww get better Yuki-san ^3^-
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