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13 January 2010 @ 07:32 pm
Ryosuke: 2010/01/01>>2010/01/03  

It is 2010 congratulations!

Even this year would appreciate Lolita23q-ward- very much!

I am going to make efforts over still, the become this year bearing fruit rich and wonderful without fail 

Take it to all the people that take the trouble to support Lolita23Q please it is become 1 year when there is much happiness 


By calling with the first day of the year appearing i try to write Japanese and take the challenge 
Even though with the I-Phone 

The theme is new exactly with Ryosuke in 2010!

It is appropriate to self exactly, even though it was chosen to letter from one year.


Style of new music

New self

It is full without thought that i want to send everybody early and by the new ways, I want to be renewing myself over until now as it will always continue to grow.

It is a goal for this year to put to all and cause revolutionary innovation!

Even 1 letter in this year of everybody that is taking the trouble to read my blog would like to teach by all means.


It came to a greeting in the new year to the house of my grandparents and family.

It was a good possible destructive New Year to take on many years!

Even the dinner observes it to end Kotatsu now and to get-together during.

That is a new year that Japan has obtained

It is a various letter in this year of everybody comes and received with the message of fallowing the article and admire.

After it is such an era I have a positive feeling strongly to the beginning of the year and lets go make efforts together!


This is a guitar at my parents home that I have fixed the string.

Because the family is sleeping and do not disturb anymore today and tomorrow will be a pleasure.

Three days to spend it peacefully and am going to make efforts with this at full throttle!


I discover the original work of ALICE IN WONDERLAND that I found in a bookshelf at my parents home before!

The prototype of ALICE IN WONDERLAND is a hand made book by Lewis Carroll  that says ALICE IN WONDERLAND 

so speaking of the topic of the movie ALICE IN WONDERLAND of Tim Burton of supervision is being disclosed this year from everybody that received the message.

Needless to say, even i am expecting the highest of ALICE by Tim Burton

It is the pleasure movie that I pay attention to most now. 

I am going to continue to make the new musical piece for the ALICE theme from now on.

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